Building a SaaS business, from $0 to $1.8M - eBook [preorder]


It was my first experience with building a SaaS business, managing it, finding investors, and making a very successful exit with a $1.8m valuation. I made all of those at the age of 16. I bet you can do better.

In this 160+ page eBook, I am giving every detail about building a successful SaaS business, and my journey bootstrapping a $1.8m business. You will be able to download this eBook at the end of June.


When will this eBook be available for download/read?

This eBook will be available to download at the end of June. No delays.

Is this sh*t really worth $15?

Of course, it is. I have been talking to many SaaS indiepreneurs recently and asked all of them about this pricing. Most of them were more than okay for $15. Also, PPP is enabled so depending on your location and your purchasing power, you will get a discount.

Why should I preorder?

You will receive a bunch of things if you preorder:

  • 10+ Exclusive posts about building SaaS businesses, including:
    • "The Best Way To Enter The SaaS World"
    • "Contents Of A Successful Business Plan"
    • "SaaS Spending: The Fine Line Between Success and Failure"
    • "Funding a SaaS: Bootstrapping, Crowdfunding and VC, Angel Investing and More!"
    • "Drop Out Of The School Today, Get $100,000!"
    • "MUST'S Of Building MVP For A SaaS Idea"
    • "Subscription Models for SaaS Products"
    • "What Really is Churn and How to Avoid It?"
    • and much more...
  • Interviews with well-known SaaS indiepreneurs.
  • A huge excel table that includes contact informations of possibly your next investors. (+$5)
  • Weekly updates about the progress.

What is the refund policy?

No questions asked, just send me an email about the refund.

This product is not currently for sale.

Building a SaaS business, from $0 to $1.8M - eBook [preorder]